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Blake retired from BBH Design after 21 years as a minority firm owner in 2013 to start Answers for Architecture. BBH Design was formerly an international healthcare architecture firm's local office. During Blake's  tenure he had various firm leadership roles including director of practice, construction administration and quality assurance, involved in every project, inception through warranty verification. BBH Design became the fourth largest North Carolina firm and recognized nationally in 2012 by Healthcare magazine as tenth in new hospital starts.

Blake developed a passion for building enclosures and science as architecture became more energy efficient and sustainable. He established a new firm, blog and website to develop, share and promote best building enclosure practices applying his experience to current and historic for all  things architecture.

Blake Talbott was born into a grandfather and father family construction business where day to day issues were relished and discussed at mealtime; fixing architect's designs, construction quality, job safety, client issues, subcontractor abilities and requirements, budgets, importance of tool improvements, . His grandfather and father, descendants of two previous generations with carpentry, cabinet making and construction abilities,  designed and constructed quality residential, commercial and religious structures for almost seven decades. Their commitment to quality, adaptation to evolving technology,  client tastes and requirements helped them to survive during recessions and depressions.

Blake was a part of the family construction and millwork shop business in a minor way starting at the age of eight through high school. He loved the construction industry, learned to understand and appreciate each trades craftsmanship and an appreciate good design. During high school he determined to focus on being an architect, worked in architectural offices while attending the University of Texas (Arlington, Texas) and Texas Tech University. After graduation he joined the US Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 40 to avoid the draft. During his years as a Seabee he worked in the engineering office responsible for documenting and construction verification on numerous ancillary buildings, housing and healthcare buildings at Roosevelt Roads Naval Air Station, Puerto Rico and the establishment of a new naval transmitting and receiving base on Diego Garcia.  

W. Blake Talbott became an architect in Texas and North Carolina since entering private practice in 1971.


 "I thought I knew a few things about building envelope design, but I learned a lot from you.... thank you." Joel Dabrowski, Architect

"Thank you for all of the knowledge and guidance you have shared...  Maria Papiez, Intern

"You have been and continue to be such a powerful personality and influence." Christie Adams, Healthcare Planner

 "Thanks for being the "drip edge"...we would be stained without you." Tzu Chen, Architect

"It is not that I'm so smart but I stay with the questions much longer. Albert Einstein" Thank you for figuring it out for us." Espy Harper, Healthcare Planner, Architect

"You've given me years of advice on building enclosure and details...." Elizabeth Kolepp-Mayer, Design Architect

"It has been a pleasure working with someone that has both the expertise and passion to do things well." David Liberatore, Principal, Architect